Sunday, August 2, 2009

Menu Monday

Today is the first day implementing my Envelope System budget! I actually only allotted myself $90/week for the month. That's $10 short of my previous budget. I can usually make it on $80/week, but then again, don't usually include any baby food in that number. I think I should be right on Target.

My menu last week was amazing!! Everything was scrumptious!! My favorite dinner being the Skillet Lasagna! Delish! I didn't make the Veggie Fajitas because I had so much leftover chicken from the Sticky Chicken, that I decided to go ahead and make the fantastic Fajita Soup that Makes and Takes recommended. I even fried my own tortilla strips! Thanks again Makes and Takes!

Here is my menu for this week:
Veggie Fajitas. Beautiful Red, Yellow, Orange and Green Peppers that I bought last week. I cut them into strips already and stored them in the freezer. Makes for a quick fix! I'll also throw in some onions, garlic and pinto beans.

Pan Roasted Chicken. This is a recipe that I got from Martha Stewart. It is one of my favorite chicken recipes! I tried to find it on Martha's site but to no avail. It's basically grape tomatoes, capers and olives cooked in olive oil in a large skillet and later roasted in the oven. The way these flavors unite is amazing!! If you'd like details on the recipe, feel free to shoot me an email!

Cheddar-Topped Shepherd's Pie. Another great recipe from Martha Stewart!

BLT's. Yep, I said it. Good old fashioned Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches. Scrumptious!

Mini Pizza's. I have plenty of leftover ingredients from last week, making these PLUS they are so fast and easy to make after grocery shopping. Yes, this will do!

Off to the grocery store! Bon Appetit!!


Julie said...

So, is that $90 just for food items, or is it for personal items like toothpaste, etc.? How did you arrive at the number of $90 per week?

BTW, I have bought fresh veggies and cooked them and then blended them in the blender for baby food. It is cheaper, but takes some time to do it.

Julie said...

I just read your previous entry on the baby food. Duh. Anyway, I used ice cube trays and froze the baby food. Then I would just take two cubes out and warm them up for lunch or dinner.

Mommy-Wise said...

Julie-- I came up with the $90 because I usually budget $100 but a lot of times I get by on $80... BUT since I never accounted for baby food I thought I should allow myself some wiggle room... so $90.
That is ONLY groceries... NO toiletries or eating out in that budget. Hopefully one day I can actually get by on even less!!
Thanks for stopping by!!