Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Savings Report

First and foremost... I did GREAT on groceries this week! It was one of the few weeks that all I bought was veggies, fruits and meats, milk and bread, and my one exception, a can of beans! I only spent $58.17 for a weeks worth of groceries! I did this at my usual three stores (Trader Joe's, Ralphs and Vons). I used only a handful of coupons at Vons and only used coupons for freebies:
-Starbucks icecream (pint) - Free Coupon from Facebook promo.
-Starbucks icecream (single serve) - these were on sale $10/10 so I used the $1/1 from the 6/21 SuperSaver insert.
-PopTarts - Vons had a coupon in their weekly ad that marked them down to $0.99 and I used this printable MC which doubled to make this item free.

Target wasn't as exciting this week. My particular store didn't have a lot of items that I could get for cheap or free. Regardless, I didn't leave empty handed! That would've been terrible!! I bought some Irish Spring Bodywash and a can of Venom, Black Mamba Energy Drink.

Total spent at Target = $0.14!

Most of my deals are coming from Rite Aid this weekend. Check out Coupon Cravings Blog to see some of the deals I'm planning on taking advantage of!!


Myra said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! There's nothing like a good deal! I'm you newest follower!

Sarah said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Yeah it takes a little while of signing up for free stuff to get a lot, but there are definitely days I go to my mailbox and there are no samples there. I just like to post pictures on good weeks when I get a lot of stuff.

The other thing I did was sign up for Vocalpoint and Pssst (General Mills). Both of those send you coupons for free products to try(not sure if you already are a member of those). I just sign up for all the Wal-Mart samples and I follow a few blogs that always list things to sign up for so I just do as many as I can. I also have the auto-fill feature on my computer so each time I do one of these I don't have to fill out all the info.

I am exctited to look around your blog now that I am here!

Take care! :)

Tracey said...

That's a great price for a week's worth of groceries - and a nice Target stop to boot!!

Wendy said...

Great scores! I'm doing pretty well but I'd love to do better. I should start posting my results on my blog, too. Inspiring!

Janet said...

Nice deals this week. I love those freebies.