Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In case you were wondering...

I always enjoy seeing fellow blogger's chaos of coupons scattered across tables, floors, chairs... kids. :o)

So, I thought I would take a picture of my chaos and share with you what my workspace looks like... Here it is... Right now, my workspace is on my dining room table. I'm gonna have to change that soon. It's kind of an eye sore and when people come over I have to hide everything!! Hahaha...

This is my coupon notebook. I keep a ton of loose coupons in here... this is the book I take with me EVERYWHERE! So, if I see a coupon that I'm pretty interested in or that I'm pretty sure I'll use, I go ahead and clip it and throw it in this book!! I have notebook paper in the back that I use to jot grocery lists and such on. I keep ALL baby coupon's in a sleeve in this book and also ALL Target coupon's and any manufacturer's coupon's that match up with the Target coupon's. Oh... and any restaurant coupons too!! I hate it when I'm out with friends or my husband and we are like "Hey, let's get icecream!" (or whatever) and I don't have "that darn coupon" with me!

And last, BUT certainly NOT least... CUZ THIS IS THE MOTHERLOAD!! This is my accordian file of coupons!! I keep all of my Sunday inserts in here, separated by month. Of course, I use my handy dandy Sharpie to note the date and brand of each insert. I also keep the current week's sales ads in the front pocket. I know it looks crazy, but it works for me!!


Wendy said...

I love seeing how other people do their coupons. I tried keeping mine by the insert like you do but it just wasn't working well for me. My brain must be wired differently! So, now I use a photo album with pockets and sort everything by basic grocery store aisle categories. A "power couponer" would probably go crazy with my system, but it works pretty well for me.

Laura said...

I'm curious - where do you get Target coupons? We're visiting the US soon and I love Target. I would love it more if I were armed with some coupons. I like your storage idea too.

Mommy-Wise said...

Laura... you can get the most recent Target coupons directly from their site:


Or you can go to this site for current coupons that Target doesn't offer anymore on their site:


Hope this helps!!