Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Name Brand versus Generic!!

First, let me start off with this thought that I've been pondering as of late...

Just because something is cheaper
doesn't mean that it is the best deal!

I've been putting this thought into my purchases lately. Lets talk about vacation, for example... hotels! Just because Hotel A is cheaper per night doesn't mean that you will get the most for your money staying there. Hotel B might be $20 more per night, but Hotel B has more comfortable beds, better soundproofed rooms, a great complimentary breakfast buffet, etc. Don't you think that Hotel B is a better value?? To me, if you spend your money on Hotel A, you are actually kind of wasting it. Just something for you to think about...

With this thought in mind... my friend gave me a great idea to start reviewing brand name products with its generic counterpart. I have to admit that I'm a brand name snob when it comes to certain items... it's so hard for me to try the generic when I'm so in-love with the brand name!! However, with my husband as my shopping partner this weekend, I stepped out in faith and allowed him to choose the ever so horrible... I can hardly say it... generic COFFEE!!

Now, the ONLY reason I went with it was because the generic coffee was labeled with this statement:

"Roasted by Starbucks Coffee Co."

I have to admit, I was skeptical!! My husband, of all people, should know better than to try generic coffee!! He's been lured by the price tag before, and it got us nothing but a trip to the trash can!

The Generic was $5.00/pound,
and Starbucks coffee was $8.00/pound.

As soon as I walked outside, I opened the bag to give it the smell test. It smelled pretty good, but I wasn't sold yet. However, after sitting in the car for a while with an open bag of fresh coffee beans, I began salivating and craving a nice, hot cup of joe. I'd say it definitely passed the smell test!

Aaaaannnnddd... I had my first cup of it this morning and I have to say, it is QUITE DELISH!! I really cannot say that I notice a difference in flavor!! I am fully a happy camper!!

So, where can you find a bag of this cheaper "roasted by Starbucks" coffee??

At Costco!! Kirkland Signature is Costco's brand name. I definitely recommend it!!


The Stevensons said...

Wow! Very interesting. Now we have to get Mary to agree. ;-)

I'm with you on the hotel thing. Hampton Inn Rules!

Rachel said...

Yeah, Kirkland is good. I think my sister or dad buys that brand as well. I don't have Costco though.